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Don’t Grudge Me!

September 24, 2023


September 10, 2023
Disciple: a personal follower of Jesus during His life, especially one of the 12 apostles Being a disciple: 1 - Follow Me or the call. 2 - We need to…

I Do

August 13, 2023
Everything has gone up in price except salvation! It is still a free gift!!
Referenced: "17 Inches" by college baseball coach Chris Sperry
Definition: complete trust of confidence in someone or something, a strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof 7 things…


June 25, 2023
Grace - to do honor or credit to someone or something by one's presence Mercy - keeps sinful men from what they deserve Grace - keeps a simple man from…

A Step to Move Forward

June 4, 2023
Not so good things about Peter: 1 - Peter doubted Jesus 2 - Peter became anxious 3 - Peter took his eyes off the Lord 4 - Peter doubted himself…
Mother's Purpose: to instill in her children a love for God
Luke 24:5 - Why do you look for the living among the dead? This is one of the most powerful verses in the bible.
1 - He calls 2 - He's changing us 3 - He collects Rapture definition: 1)Expression of intense pleasure or joy. 2)The transporting of believers to heaven at the second…